Medical Career Abroad for Doctors and Nurses

Work as a Registered Doctor in UK.
Work as a Registered Nurse in USA, UK, Australia.

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For Nurses

Become a Registered Nurse in UK, USA or Australia

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For Doctors

Become a Registered Doctor in the UK

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NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) is a nationwide examination that international students participate in for a nursing license in the United States, Canada and Australia.


PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board) is a type of test that determines if an International Medical Graduate (IMG) has the necessary skills, knowledge and competency to practice medicine in the United Kingdom.


OET (Occupational English Test) is an English language test, especially for healthcare professionals, that evaluates the English communication skills of healthcare professionals to be registered and practice in an English-speaking workplace.


OBA (Outcomes-Based Assessment) is the assessment process for Internationally Qualified Nurses and Midwives (IQNMs) with an international nursing qualification to be a registered nurse in Australia.

Events Organized by NCLEX Nepal

NCLEX Nepal has been organizing several informative seminars and workshops for NCLEX, PLAB, OET, OBA and more...

The Right Choice For Your Medical Career

With 5+ Years of Experience

NCLEX Nepal is the best institute in Nepal that provides preparation classes for NCLEX-RN, OET, OBA, and PLAB. We have been serving nursing graduates and medical professionals for more than 5 years. With complete guidance, our lecturers help health care professionals to be registered and work abroad. We at NCLEX Nepal provide all the essential material to our students to prepare for the tests and increase their exam scores.

Become RN of UK, USA or Australia

NCLEX Nepal provides complete guidance for health care professionals who want to work in UK, USA or Australia.

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First step of process

Sign up for a consulting session with our experts.
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second step of process

We find the best opportunities for your career
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third step of process

Enroll in our classes organized by the best faculty in Nepal
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Become Eligible

fourth step of process

Complete the required test and be the most eligible candidate
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Job Fit

fifth step of process

We find the right job fit for you
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Visa Processing

sixth step of process

We arrange your visa processing
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seventh step of process

Fly to the country of your choice to fulfill your dreams

Seamless learning experience
for a better medical career abroad.

  • 01. Are you trying to learn during this pandemic?
    If you are worried about if the pandemic would affect your studies then don’t worry. NCLEX Nepal provides online classroom facilities to our students during pandemics as well. No matter where you are, just sign up and continue preparing for your exam.
  • 02. Are you ready for the mock test?
    We at NCLEX Nepal conduct Physical Mock Test Exams for our students so that they can track their progress and do self-evaluation.
  • 03. Have you decided about your future? What is your next step?
    NCLEX Nepal is in association with School Abroad. We provide our students career counseling boot camps so that they can decide where will they be in the next 5 years.
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