How to apply for NCLEX-RN exam?

NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) is a nationwide examination that students take part in to receive a nursing license in the United States, Canada and Australia. NCLEX-Registered Nurse is one of the two types of NCLEX examination and international students, including Nepalese students, apply for NCLEX-RN to become registered nurses in those three countries. If you are among those nursing graduates opting to apply for NCLEX-RN but don’t know how to do so then don’t worry. In this blog, we have discussed all the steps you need to follow to apply for an NCLEX-RN exam. Stay tuned.

1. Choose the Right State Board of Nursing

While choosing a state board to apply for the NCLEX exam, you should not choose a state based on its popularity or your dream work destination. You should select a state board that asks for such requirements that are easy and quick to fulfill.

Some states ask for your IELTS or TOEFL results, clinical experience and SSN (Social Security Number) to resister an NCLEX-RN application. For example, to apply for NCLEX-RN in Illinois, Texas and New Mexico state boards, you must have the required IELTS test score if you had not done your nursing graduation from an English-medium school. Consider not to apply for the exam in such state boards.
And if you don’t know, remember that the state board you choose to take the NCLEX-RN exam with is not necessarily the state you will get to work in but your work assignment will depend on
the facilities that select you.

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2. English Language Competency Test (If Required)

As we mentioned earlier some state boards ask students for a valid passing score in an English Language Competency test (IELTS/TOFEL/OET). Our institute, NCLEC In Nepal, which is considered to be the best NCLEX Preparation Center in Nepal, provides preparation classes for OET. OET stands for Occupational English Test and it is a type of English language test that is specially designed for healthcare professionals to determine their English communication skills and competency to work in an English-speaking environment.

3. Pass a CGFNS Test (If Required)

In addition to a valid passing score in an English Language Competency test (IELTS/TOFEL/OET), to apply for an NCLEX-RN exam in some state boards, you may require to pass a CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) test as well. Questions in a CGFNS test are based on what students have learned in their nursing school.

4. Credential Evaluation Service Registration

If you are applying for an NCLEX-RN exam in the United States, some states of the country may ask you to be registered on a Credential Evaluation Service (CES). You can resister your CES at While you are registering for a CES, make sure the recipient of the report is the Board of Nursing for the state of the United States where you are applying for your NCLEX-RN exam.

5. Register from Pearson VUE

It is recommended that you apply for NCLEX-RN on Pearson VUE which will help you to get your Authorization to Test (ATT) letter earlier. You can resister your NCLEX-RN application on Pearson VUE by following the steps below.

We at NCLEX in Nepal guide our students throughout NCLECX-RN registration to visa applications and provide all the essential material to increase their exam scores in the NCLEX-RN exam. If you are planning to take an NCLEX-RN exam, then visit NCLEX In Nepal and join our preparation classes.