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OBA- Outcome Based Assessments

OBA (Outcome Based Assessments) is a program which leads one to become a Registered Nurse of Australia. It consists of two tests: NCLEX-RN and OSCE.To be a Registered Nurse of Australia, you need to clear both of these tests plus any of English Language Proficiency Test (IELTS/OET/PTE/TOEFL) with required scores.

Course Overview

Duration: 4 Months


Two Type Of Test For OBA


NCLEX-RN, abbreviation for National Council Licensure Examination for Nurses for Registered Nurse is a theory based MCQ test designed for registered nurses. It is accepted in the USA and Canada, and now is recognized in Australia too.


Objective Structured Clinical Examination(OSCE) is an evaluative test designed to test clinical skill performance and competence of a range of skills in a clinical setting. It is a practical, real-world approach to learning and assessment based on objective testing through direct observation. Unlike the traditional clinical exam, the OSCE could evaluate areas most critical to performance of health care professionals such as communication skills and ability to handle unpredictable patient behavior.

Step 1 – Self Check

If you are a world-wide accredited nurse or midwife (IQNM) who wants to check in Australia, you may want to complete the self-test faster than the registration process. This is an internet test in which you would like to enter your self-test qualifications. You will be allocated one of every three registration sources depending on your certification.

The three streams are:

  • Stream A – IQNMs with an accepted qualification deemed to be substantially equal or dependent on comparable competence.
  • Stream B – IQNMs that have qualifying credentials specific to the position but are not significantly comparable or dependent on equivalent skills to an accepted certification
  • Stream C – IQNMs who are eligible not significantly equal or sufficient to an accepted certification

There is no fee to use the Self-check.

IQNMs that do not hold a relevant qualification (under section 53 of the National Law) or do not meet the required assessment criteria will need to upgrade their qualification in Australia before being eligible to apply for registration.

Step 2 – IQNM Assessment Process
Many who have completed the self-check shall continue with the IQNM evaluation process.

The students would be expected to pay a non-refundable review fee of $640 for the IQNM assessment process.

This fee adds to AHPRA’s costs when reviewing the IQNM documents and directing the IQNM.

Step 3 – Orientation

This is an online learning tutorial, which is an introduction to Australia and the Australian healthcare context.

There’s no charge for this Orientation.

Step 4 – NCLEX-RN (Multiple Choice Questions)

The National Council Licensing Examination for Recorded Nurses (NCLEX-RN) is a multi-choice examination that is administered electronically via the evaluation centers of Pearson VUE in most countries.

Registered nurses are entitled to NCLEX-RN $200 (approx. 288 AUD), plus an extra US$150 (approximately AUD 216) overseas scheduling charge (total US$330) (Approx. AUD 504).

Step 5 – OSCE

A professional evaluation to determine whether the applicants demonstrate a graduate nurse or midwife experience, expertise, and skills from a program of research accredited by the Australian NMBA.

In addition to assessing, preparing, implementing, and evaluating treatment, the OSCE will model a clinical setting and the “patients” scenarios that registered care staff can face. Caregivers are to use contemporary research to illustrate the healthy practice of nursing skills efficiently.

The OSCE session fee is AUD $4,000. OSCE fee covers the former bridging costs charged by private suppliers. This premium covers the operational and repair expenses of AHPRA for the OSCE. AHPRA and the NMBA are financed only by payments that are to meet all IQNM assessment expenses for registration in Australia.

Eligibility Criteria

Must be a Registered Nurse of Nepal


Academic Qualification

Any one of these: 

  • BSC.

  • Post B.Sc.
  • M.Sc. in Nursing


Common Questions OBA


What is NCLEX – MCQ exam?

The multiple-choice question (MCQ) exam assesses the candidate’s professional knowledge. There are separate exams for internationally qualified nurses and midwives (IQNMs) intending to register in Australia as a registered nurse (RN), enrolled nurse (EN), or midwife:

The RN MCQ exam is the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) develops and delivers the NCLEX-RN through Pearson VUE test centres in most countries.

(source: https://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/Accreditation/IQNM/Examination/Multiple-choice-question-exam.aspx )

What is OSCE?

The Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) is a clinical exam to assess the knowledge, skills and competence of internationally qualified nurses or midwives.

(source: https://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/Accreditation/IQNM/Examination/Objective-structured-clinical-exam.aspx )

Why choose NCLEX Nepal?

NCLEX Nepal’s faculty is rich with highly skilled and well experienced Australian Registered Nurses who aid students understand the foundation of nursing in Australia and nurture them to strive for the best. We also boast for having 24×7 student support. 



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