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OET Exam Fees and Preparation
Cost in Nepal

When it comes to taking a Language Proficiency Test, OET has become popular among healthcare professionals, whether it is for practicing nursing or becoming a doctor abroad. Here we, NCLEX Nepal, are going to discuss everything about OET, from OET preparation cost to OET exam fees in Nepal.

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OET stands for Occupational English Test and it is such an English Language Proficiency Test that is specially designed for healthcare professionals to evaluate their English communication skills to work in English-speaking healthcare environments.

OET is recognized by regulatory bodies in the United States, United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Dubai, Singapore, Ukraine and Namibia. Organizations, including hospitals and universities, from around the world use OET instead of IELTS, TOFEL or PTE as proof of one’s ability to communicate in healthcare settings.

OET is available for 12 healthcare professions and those are medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, dietetics, optometry, veterinary science, podiatry, occupational therapy, radiography, physiotherapy and speech pathology.

Why OET Exam?

OET is considered to be the best English Language Proficiency Test among international medical students to start a career abroad. Below is listed the top three reasons why OET is needed and why to do OET in Nepal. Check it out.

1. Accepted for Both Registration and Immigration

From the Nursing and Midwifery Council to the General Medical Council, and from hospitals to colleges, almost every organization in the United Kingdom accepts OET, whether it is for your college registration or for your immigration application.

Health professionals such as doctors and nurses don’t need to take other Language Proficiency Tests like IELTS/TOFEL/PTE when they have a good OET score.

2. Specific to Healthcare

As we mentioned earlier, OET exam is especially and only designed for healthcare professionals and it determines the clinical communication skills of applicants in healthcare settings in English-speaking countries such as the USA and the UK. As the OET test is developed by subject matter experts, candidates who clear the test, develop enough English language skills to provide safe and high-quality care to patients.

3. Candidates Find OET Exam Easy

According to a recent survey done to OET participants, 70% of test-takers said that they felt confident while taking the OET exam. So is OET easy to pass? Well, candidates feel confident while taking the OET test, not because it’s easy but it is because the OET test contexts and vocabulary are very similar to what the applicants encounter in healthcare settings.

OET Exam Fees in Nepal

Now you know why OET is important to pursue a medical career abroad, you may now be wondering about the OET exam fees in Nepal. Well, you will have to pay an examination fee of NPR ~52,000 to participate in an OET test. Yes, the OET exam cost in Nepal is pretty high than of IELTS but you may also accept that it is worth it for a healthcare profession.

Unlike the NCLEX exam, which nursing graduates have to travel to India to participate in, you can take the OET test in Nepal. Yes, there are test centers for the OET test in Nepal that take OET tests twice a month.

After you have applied for the OET test, you have to go to the test center and participate in the exam on your scheduled date. You will be given 3 hours to finish the test.

OET tests all four language skills of a candidate: Listening (45-minute), Reading (60-minute), Writing (45-minute) and Speaking (20-minute).

1. Listening Test

The Listening test in OET consists of 42 question items and the topics fall under generic healthcare interest and are accessible to the participants. The Listing test takes around 45 minutes and based on the audio clips provided, you will have to write your answer while listening.

2. Reading Test

The Reading test in OET consists of 42 question items and the topics are based on generic healthcare interests. You will be given a total of 60 minutes to complete this test.

3. Writing Test

The Writing test in OET is profession-specific and takes around 45 minutes. There is one task set for each healthcare profession. The topics are based on the demands of the profession and workplace situations. For example, a nurse gets a task for nursing and a dentist gets the task for dentistry.

4. Speaking Test

The Speaking test in OET takes around 20 minutes and it’s delivered individually. In this part, candidates are given a role-play based on their profession. For example, a candidate will play the role of nurse or doctor while the interlocutor plays a patient, a patient’s relative or a client.

OET Preparation Cost in Nepal

Although candidates find the OET exam easy to pass than the IELTS test, it's not a piece of cake to clear the OET test. One must attend preparation classes for OET in Nepal to get a good score on the test.

When it comes to joining an OET course in Nepal, the first thing students look forward is OET exam fees in Nepal. Students often go crazy while choosing the best institute for OET preparation and the search for an institute for OET preparation of every student ends at no other than NCLEX Nepal. NCLEX Nepal offers the best OET preparation classes in Nepal at a very low cost.

We offer a 6-week OET program to students where we provide all the essential material one may need for excellent preparation for the OET test. OET preparation cost in NCLEX Nepal is only NPR 30, 000. So join your OET program at NCLEX Nepal now and start preparing yourself for the test with our highly-experienced lecturers.

Why Join OET Program in NCLEX Nepal?

I. Highly Skilled Faculty:

With immense knowledge, skills and experience, Nclex Nepal has been providing excellent OET preparation classes for years. All the teachers in the institute are experienced and highly skilled professionals.

II. Excellent Online Learning Platform:

We offer an excellent interactive and innovative online learning platform to students where they can receive a quality virtual learning experience.

III. Mock Test:

NCLEX Nepal team conducts Physical Mock Tests for students that help them track their progress and do self-evaluation.

IV. Career Camp:

NCLEX Nepal is in association with School Abroad which means students can get career counseling boot camps and can decide where they will be in the next 5 years.

V. 24*7 Student Support:

NCLEX Nepal provides students welfare, administrative and educational support 24*7.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the cost of OET exam?

The application fee for an OET exam is NPR ~52,000.

Q: Is OET available in Nepal?

Yes, there are a few test centers for the OET test in Nepal. You can apply and participate in the OET test in Nepal.

Q: Is OET Expensive in Nepal?

It depends on which institute you have chosen for your OET program. NCLEX Nepal offers OET preparation classes for only NPR 30,000.

Q: Is OET easy to pass?

According to a survey, 70% of applicants find the OET exam easy than other Language Proficiency Tests.