PLAB Exam: Ultimate Guide For Overseas Doctors in Nepal

PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board) is the ultimate way for International Medical Graduate (IMG) to practice medicine in the United Kingdom. PLAB is such a test that demonstrates if international doctors have enough knowledge and competency to work as a doctor in the U.K. The test is conducted by the General Medical Council of the U.K. and it also helps assess the medical communication skills of overseas doctors.

PLAB test is a two-part assessment: PLAB 1 and PLAB 2.

PLAB 1 Test

PLAB 1 exam is conducted in a multiple-choice question (MCQ) format which is called 180 SBA's (One Hundred Eighty Single Best Answer questions). This test lasts for 3 hours and candidates have to answer a total of 180 MCQ questions.

The PLAB 1 test is conducted in the USA, Australia, Canada, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Egypt and Nigeria.

As there is no exam center for the PLAB 1 exam in Nepal, Nepalese nursing overseas doctors, who want to participate in this PLAB test for doctors, have to travel to India to participate in the test.

PLAB 2 Test

PLAB 2 is an OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) that is a practical objective structured clinical exam. It has 18 clinical stations and each station is 8 minutes long, with an additional 2 minutes of reading time. Candidates have to travel to Manchester, the United Kingdom, to participate in the PLAB 2 test.

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Qualifications and Requirements for PLAB Exam

You will need to fulfill a few PLAB exam qualifications to apply for PLAB test. Below is listed all the PLAB exam requirements.

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Application Process For PLAB Exam

You can apply for the PLAB test on the official website of the General Medical Council (GMA). Following your PLAB exam application, GMC will send you a registration confirmation mail with the information regarding the venue and the time for the test.

As we mentioned earlier, you will be participating in the PLAB 1 exam in India. PLAB 1 is held in India, twice a year, one on 15th March and another on 15th November. You have to register for the PLAB 1 test 8 weeks before the exam. The result of the PLAB 1 test is usually declared 4 weeks after taking the test.

T Once you pass the PLAB 1 test, you will have to appear for the PLAB 2 exam in Manchester, the UK. The result for the PLAB 2 exam is usually declared 2 weeks after taking the test.

You can appear for PLAB 1 test as many times as you want but can only participate in PLAB 2 test four times. On failing the 4th attempt, you will have to take the PLAB 1 test again.

What After Passing the PLAB test?

Once you have passed both PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 tests, you will have to apply for registration with a license to practice on the GMC website. Your application has to be approved within two years after you pass the PLAB 2 test.

Once GMC approves your application, you gain registration and can officially work as a doctor in the United Kingdom.

PLAB Exam Syllabus

The syllabus for the PLAB exam is based on the standard medical textbooks used in UK medical schools. Candidates can also use the GMC booklets Advice to Candidates to prepare themselves for the PLAB test. You will find two separate booklets for Part 1 and Part 2 on GMC.

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PLAB Exam Fees

You will need to pay the PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 exam fees separately. The PLAB 1 exam fees cost you £239 i.e. NPR ~38,000 while the exam fees for PLAB 2 exam is £875 i.e. ~1,37000. Below are mentioned other additional costs you will have to pay for the PLAB examination.

One with an MBBS degree can also pursue Post Graduation (PG) in the United Kingdom from Nepal with the PLAB exam.

As we mentioned earlier, after passing PLAB, you obtain GMC registration and it is compulsory in the UK Medical system. It doesn’t grant a degree but it’s just a certification exam to get a GMC registration.

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