Useful Tips to Boost Your OET Exam Score

Conducted by Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment (CBLA), Occupational English Test (OET) is the best English Proficiency Test for international nurses and doctors to exhibit their communication skills in an English-speaking healthcare system. Candidates are obliged to pass the OET test with a score of B or above for their GMC registration.

If you are planning to take part in the OET exam then you have come to the right place because here we, NCLEX Nepal, have brought 7 useful tips to boost your OET exam score. Check it out.

Understanding the OET exam format makes you feel comfortable with the content of the OET test. It’s important you understand each section of the OET test format and what it is assessing. Below is explained the OET structure.

I. OET Reading Test Format

The OET reading sub-test is of 60-minute and it consists of 3 sections:

II. OET Writing Test Format

The OET writing sub-test is of 45-minute where you will be given two tasks. In the first task, you have to write a referral letter or a letter of transfer or a letter of discharge for a patient using case notes.

Meanwhile, in the second writing task, you have to write a response letter to a complaint (for Radiography)of advice or inform a patient, carrer or group.

III. OET Listening Test Format

The OET listening sub-test is of 50-minute and it is made of three sections:

IV. OET Speaking Test Format

The OET speaking sub-test takes around 20 minutes and in it, you have to do role-plays as a nurse or doctor while your interlocutor will play the role of a patient or a client.

You have to have a conversation with your interlocutor based on a card you will be given to inform you what kind of conversation you have to have with your interlocutor.

2. Create a Study Plan

You cannot just study everything you need for the OET test in one or two weeks. Rather you have to create a study plan if you really want to boost your OET exam score. Check how many days are remaining for the test and create your study plan accordingly. To create the best study plan, you have to first understand your goals and assume how much time you have to dedicate every day to prepare for your OET exam.

3. Be Familiar with Other Medicine Areas

As a nurse or doctor, you might only be familiar with the area of medicine that you deal with on an everyday basis. But when it comes to other medical specialties, you may know nothing about them. Questions in the OET exam may be asked from other areas of medicine so we recommend you to be familiar with other medical occupations as well.

4. Be Familiar with Abbreviations

As you may all know that there are a lot of abbreviations used in the healthcare profession. For example, BP is used for blood pressure and A&E is for accident and emergency department. You must be familiar with all the common abbreviations used in the medical field before you take part in the OET exam. In the OET listening test’s Part A section, your task is to take notes about a patient and if you use abbreviations in those notes, you can avoid spelling mistakes in the test.

5. Take Practice Tests

While preparing for your OET exam, you have to practice from the official OET sample tests. Consider practicing multiple sample tests as it not only makes you familiar with the OET test format but also gives you ideas of the areas where you need improvement. Since September, the OET test format has been changed so choose your OET sample test papers accordingly.

6. Start Early

Your current English skill gives you an idea of when should you start but for OET even participants who are pretty good in English, still need to take time to be prepared properly. As OET is a high-stakes test, you should start your preparation as soon as possible. Starting your OET preparation will help you understand the syllabus more quickly.

7. Apply When You Are Ready

Don’t rush into applying for the OET exam until you are confident that you have enough English language skills to pass the test. If you apply for the OET test when you are not ready then you will end up wasting both your time and money. OET exam fee costs you NPR ~52,000 per test. Therefore, don’t rush and practice more and properly prepare yourself for the OET test. In addition to the 7 tips we mentioned above, there is one more important tip we would like to present to you and that is to take preparation classes for OET. Joining an OET program makes you prepared for the OET exam very quickly

Where to Join OET Preparation Class in Nepal?

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